3MK HardGlass Max Lite Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G/Pro+ 5G black

Tento diskontní produkt 3MK HardGlass Max Lite Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G/Pro+ 5G black od známé společnosti Krytárna snadno získáte tady a teď skutečně levně. Cena již od 639 Kč
Cena: 639 Kč

Supreme scratch resistance. HardGlass Max Lite™ with a strength of 9H makes even sharp items harmless to your phone. High durability, finish and extraordinary protection properties are the result of glass tempering process. The glass is heat treated to over 400 degrees Celsius for many hours. Perfect coverage of curved edges is finally possible with HardGlass Max Lite™. It is a breakthrough among tempered glass protectors, hich focus only on protecting the flat part of the screen. Easy and precise installation. Inviscid-Sil™ buble-free adhesive adheres evenly and helps to push eventual bubbles out. An additional oleophobic coat on the surface of HardGlass Max Lite™ provides perfectly smooth finger glide. It reduces friction to minimum, so that every touch of the screen equals pure joy. What’s more, it reduces grease and all the streaks in order to keep the glass even cleaner. Undisturbed visual effects and original saturation of displayed colors owing to perfectly clear structure of the glass. Each layer is carefully selected, so that the highest color and sharpness quality can be maintained. HardGlass Max™ adjusts perfectly to the original color scheme of the front side of a device. It is available in versatile color variations. Plus, if desired, you can take the opportunity and change the original coloring of the front side. Kit contains: HardGlass Max Lite™ glass Anti-Bubble Card wet cleaning cloth dry cleaning cloth

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