3MK Hyper Cable USB-C/USB-C 4K 60Hz 1m 100W black

Tento unikátní výrobek 3MK Hyper Cable USB-C/USB-C 4K 60Hz 1m 100W black od výrobce Krytárna získáte na našich stránkách teď právě se slevou! Nyní za akční cenu 649 Kč
Cena: 649 Kč

Transmits in the highest quality Our USB Type-C to Type-C cable guarantees the highest quality video and audio. It allows you to transfer audio and video at 60FPS and in high 4K resolution. As a result, the image on the screen is always sharp, and the sound without the slightest distortion. Connecting devices with our cable, you watch movies and listen to music with real pleasure. Reduces interference To make audio and video transmission even better, we used double shielding. The cable’s state-of-the-art design minimizes interference in signal transmission, which preserves the highest quality of video and audio. The shielding also reduces electromagnetic radiation. With Hyper Cable Type-C to Type-C, you are simply assured that nothing interferes with perfect audio and video reception. Supports the latest technologies High-speed data transfer of up to 5Gbit, USB generation 3.1 and support for Quick Charge and Power Delivery technologies ensure that the cable will transfer data and audio and video signals in no time. As a result, the time to download large files with photos, movies or computer games is reduced to a minimum. What’s more, Hyper Cable will instantly charge your phone, laptop and tablet. Save time by charging your devices and transferring files with our cable! Material: PVC + aluminum + polycarbonate Length: 1m Functions: charging + data transfer + audio + video Weight: 38g Max power: 100W Technologies: Power Delivery, Quick Charge 3.0

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