3MK MagCase Apple iPhone 13 clear

Tento skvělý produkt 3MK MagCase Apple iPhone 13 clear od populárního výrobce Krytárna můžete sehnat právě nyní skutečně výhodně. Cena již od 949 Kč
Cena: 949 Kč

Charge your phone without limits Does your iPhone charge wirelessly? Then our Mag Case is the perfect way for you to enjoy modern technology on your phone. We’ve designed the case using high-quality, highly flexible materials and fitted it with magnets so it fits perfectly against your iPhone case. This allows you to charge your phone very quickly without removing the protective case. Simply, charge inductively without limits! Protect as much as possible To reduce the stress and expense of repairs for iPhone users, we’ve created a case that solidly protects your phone from damage. Reinforced corners absorb the impact of the phone hitting a hard surface, preventing dents in the case. We proved this in rigorous Absorber175™ testing – iPhone was dropped on concrete 26 times from a height of 175cm. Result? No damage. Protect your phone to the maximum with Mag Case. PZH Dscout’s research showed that the average user holds the phone in his hand for almost 2.5 hours a day. MagCase™ is approved by the National Institute of Hygiene, which guarantees that it is free of harmful substances and safe for your health – no matter how much time you spend on the phone. ROHS While we’re protecting the phones, we’re concerned about the planet. MagCase™ has successfully passed RoHS certification in an independent laboratory – this means that it is environmentally friendly and complies with strict EU directives on heavy metals and hazardous substances (including lead, mercury and cadmium). Press effortlessly Nothing is more annoying than an ill-fitting case that impairs the function of the phone buttons. This problem does not exist when using the Mag Case, as our case is like a tailor- made garment. The high elasticity of the material means that the case wraps perfectly around your iPhone, providing it with full functionality and strong protection. Mag Case is so soft it’s almost imperceptible when you’re using the buttons. User comfort that matches iPhone! Enjoy the design iPhone is an eye-catcher in design. So we know how important it is that the case does not ruin the design of your phone. With Mag Case, your iPhone looks as it has always done – stylish and classy. Solid protection in a discreet form – this is the Mag Case.

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