Crong Silicone Case with Key Ring Apple AirTag (navy blue)

Designový produkt Crong Silicone Case with Key Ring Apple AirTag (navy blue) od top značky Krytárna jednoduše můžete pořídit na našich stránkách nyní za akční cenu! Nabídky již od 459 Kč
Cena: 459 Kč

Ultra light Apple AirTag keychain made of liquid silicone. This polymer material is completely safe for your skin and offers increased resistance to damage and dirt. A special molding offers a perfect fit for the Apple tracking device. The silicone key ring from Crong is available in four different colors: black, red, navy blue and sand pink. Product features: – Made of liquid silicone (durable & flexible) – Double-sided design (AirTag visible from both sides) – Aluminum key ring for ultra-low weight – Safe for your skin – Easy to clean thanks to its water-repellent surface – Special molding for the AirTag tracker – Does not interfere with Bluetooth signal – Original retail box

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