Joyroom USB-C/USB-C Cable 480Mb/s 60W 1m white (S-CC060A9)

Tento výjimečný výrobek Joyroom USB-C/USB-C Cable 480Mb/s 60W 1m white (S-CC060A9) značky Krytárna jednoduše naleznete zrovna skutečně levně! Nabídka již od 279 Kč
Cena: 279 Kč

Joyroom cable USB-C – USB-C 480Mbps 60W 1m white (S-CC060A9) Mobile devices from Apple must have the appropriate data and power cables. The product from Joyroom is suitable for equipment requiring up to 60W of power. Thanks to the technology, the cable enables safe use and durability. Specification: Brand: Joyroom Model: S-CC060A9 Connector type: USB Type C / USB T y p C. Data throughput: up to 480Mbps Maximum working power: up to 60W Maximum current value: 20V / 3A Length: 1m Fast phone charging Fast charging from the USB Type C port meets the requirements of the most modern chargers. Express data transfer The use of Hi-Speed USB technology and specifications makes this cable suitable for high-speed data transfer. Durable materials The cable is made of solid materials. It is resistant to minor mechanical damage, protecting the inner beam.

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