Joyroom USB – microUSB cable 2,4 A 1 m black (S-1030M8)

Levný produkt Joyroom USB - microUSB cable 2,4 A 1 m black (S-1030M8) značky Krytárna můžete pořídit na našich stránkách se slevou. Právě teď jen za 259 Kč
Cena: 259 Kč

Joyroom USB – micro USB cable 2,4 A 1 m (S-1030M8) Do you suffer when you need to spend a lot of time charging your phone or transferring files between devices? It is a crucial problem, especially if you are always on the run. This is why you should choose the gadget which not only looks stylish but above all guarantees efficacy and is resistant to damage. You will see that fast phone charging and file sending have never been so convenient. Additionally the use of latest engineering solutions allows you to safely use any device, with no fear of damage. Specification: Brand: Joyroom Type: Fast charging cable Type of connector: Micro USB Intended use: Device charging and data transmission Cable coating: Silicone Content of the set: 1x Fast charging cable Micro USB Major features: Reinforced cable tips Device-securing chip Made of durable silicone Very fast charging Safe data transmission Resistance to tension up to 80 kg Solid and safe manufacture The fast charging cable Micro USB Joyroom is made of high-quality materials. Its outer part is covered in pleasant-to-touch silicone. The task of this coating is to protect the item against twisting and abrasion. The use of reinforced material for outer structure raises durability of the cable – it is resistant to tension up to 80 kg. Both cable tips are additionally strengthened. This prevents most frequent damage, such as breaks and abrasions. Latest technology The fast charging cable Micro USB adopts the newest technology. The tip of the item includes a special chip serving to control the flowing current and secure device charged against potential damage. Fast charging and simple data transmission The fast charging cable Micro USB supports fast charging of devices. Thanks to this, you can have your device fully charged very quickly. The product will also serve you to connect a mobile phone to laptop and transfer the most important data or files. It is useful when you want to make a backup copy of your pictures on PC hard drive. Such device will come in handy at work as well.

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