Kingxbar Business Apple iPad Air 10.9 2020/2022 (4, 5 gen) orange

Tento zlevněný produkt Kingxbar Business Apple iPad Air 10.9 2020/2022 (4, 5 gen) orange od oblíbené značky Krytárna jednoduše můžete najít nyní opravdu levně. Teď za akční cenu 589 Kč
Cena: 589 Kč

Kingxbar Business Series Magnetic Smart Cover Sleep Stand Protect your iPad from mechanical damage due to a fall. A well-fitted, solid casing will be the best in this role. It will not only protect electronic equipment, but also make it look tasteful, and using it will become much more comfortable. The case was made of high-quality material, it has cut holes of the perfect size, and is also light and very handy. Why is it worth investing in a good case? A good case must first of all adhere perfectly to the device. This version fits perfectly with the iPad, as it has been modernized and made according to current standards. Convenient use The role of this case is not only to protect the iPad, but also to facilitate the use of the device. There are four types of configurations that you can arrange the stand in to work, play or watch movies. In each position, the device will be very stable and the viewing angle will be comfortable for the user. Use vertically or horizontally, adjust the settings so that the screen is clearly visible. Place for Apple Pencil There is a cutout on the side of the case to conveniently attach the Apple Pencil to the tablet. Construction of the case This case is made of several segments. The screen automatically turns off when the magnetic flap is closed, and lifting one part of it turns on the device. The adjacent part is covered with a soft microfiber lining. Effectively protects against scratches. The case is completely enclosed, so it protects the device also in the most vulnerable places, i.e. on the screen, on the corners and on the camera glass. Better version of the case There are many cases made of silicone on the market. Although it might seem that they are the best, in practice the polycarbonate housings have an advantage over them. It is an environmentally friendly material as well as very durable. In contrast, silicone remains thick and has little heat dissipation. The device hidden in it may overheat, and thus work inefficiently. In the event of a fall, the PC shell will better protect the equipment and also has a longer service life. The passing time does not discolor it and does not deprive it of its protective properties. High level of protection A snug, built-in case protects your iPad in many ways. First of all, it protects them against the effects of falls from a height, but not only. It plays an important role as a barrier against the ingress of dust, grease and liquid. As a result, the device looks like new for a long time. Perfect match This case fits perfectly on the iPad. It has matching openings so it doesn’t cover the lens, charging port, or camera button. At the same time, an optimal space for the accumulation of water vapor was left, so that the device was not at risk of flooding or stains of water harmful to the mechanism.

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