Kingxbar Plain Apple iPhone 13 purple

Tento kvalitní a levný kus Kingxbar Plain Apple iPhone 13 purple originál od výrobce Krytárna jednoduše naleznete tady nyní levně. Nyní pořídíte jen za 459 Kč
Cena: 459 Kč

Kingxbar Plain Series – case, cover – silicone case Elegant, delicate, subdued – this is the Kingxbar Plain Series case. This classic case shows off your iPhone’s original look while adding a touch of color to it. It is the perfect solution for a professional, business look. The most important advantages of the Kingxbar Plain Series case: A delicate, elegant case in subdued colors Permanent protection for your smartphone Flexible, easy to install Provides a professional, business look Elegance in a business style The Kingxbar Plain Series case has a simple, classic style that gives a very professional effect. The cover has a delicate, smooth texture. It is semi-transparent so it doesn’t hide the original look of the iPhone. It comes in several colors in business, muted shades. Flexible fit It was made of a combination of light, silicone material and PC. As a result, the flexible Kingxbar Plain Series case fits perfectly to your phone, leaving no gaps. It is easy to clean, and additionally simple to disassemble and install. A case ready for anything The Kingxbar Plain Series silicone casing is dirt-resistant and protects against mechanical damage. You don’t have to worry about the camera either – the edges of the cover effectively protect the lenses and the flash from scratches.

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