Otterbox Symmetry POP Apple iPhone 14 Plus (black)

Oblíbený výrobek Otterbox Symmetry POP Apple iPhone 14 Plus (black) pocházející od značky Krytárna naleznete tady teď za výhodnou cenu! Teď v akci 1129 Kč
Cena: 1129 Kč

Legendary protection combined with PopSockets® Express your style Express yourself and provide complete protection for your phone thanks to the unique combination of the Otterbox case and the PopSockets® phone holder Each case includes a matching PopTop, which you can replace at any time with a different pattern, creating a completely new set. A handle whose features you’ll love Built-in PopScokets® allows you to more conveniently take photos, write messages or watch movies. The possibility of its quick folding and unfolding makes the housing easily fit in a trouser pocket or purse. Say goodbye to cables The Symmetry POP case is compatible with wireless charging (PopTop may need to be removed in some cases).

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