PURO 0.3 Nude Apple iPhone 11 (clear)

Vynikající produkt PURO 0.3 Nude Apple iPhone 11 (clear) od populární značky Krytárna pořídíte u nás teď opravdu levně! Akční cena 529 Kč
Cena: 529 Kč

Dress your phone in an almost invisible robe, so light and subtle that your smartphone won’t feel it, while protecting it from damage. 0.3mm to full perfection A unique solution in the form of „Ghost Technology“ guarantees an exceptional slimness of the case, which is only 0.3 mm. Puro 0.3 Nude is almost the second skin of a smartphone, ensuring its best protection against scratches or scrapes. Case like a mist Ultra transparent and smooth finish guarantees perfect integration with the smartphone, showing its elegant design. Light as a feather The extremely low weight of the entire structure does not add unnecessary grams to the structure of the device, while maintaining its lightness. Flexibility in every way Made of a very flexible material, it is easy and quick to install the case on a smartphone and supports its resistance to shocks or small impacts. Product features: Ultra clear finish integrating with the elegant design of the phone Smooth case texture Exceptional slimness of only 0.3 mm Light weight, not adding unnecessary grams of construction Very good flexibility for quick and easy installation Protection of the back and sides of the device Perfect fit and perfect workmanship Access to all function keys, sockets and phone ports Material: TPU

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