PURO Frame Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy S23 (black frame)

Tento neodolatelný kus PURO Frame Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy S23 (black frame) originál od výrobce Krytárna jednoduše naleznete u nás nyní skutečně levně. Akční cena 579 Kč
Cena: 579 Kč

PURO Frame Tempered Glass is perfect for making the screen up to 5 times stronger than an unprotected display. The Frame Full Glue Tempered Glass, ultra-resistant and transparent with a black border, is designed to fully protect devices with radial screens with curves along its profile, guaranteeing touch screen sensitivity. Glue is distributed over the entire surface of the glass for greater adhesion. Included in the package is a tempered glass film, 9H scratch-resistant hardness, with an edge-to-edge curved design for complete protection. Material: 100%25 Tempered Glass Features: • 100%25 glass – hardess 9H • Oleophobic, anti bubbles and scratches • Shutterproof glass, impact resistant • 3x stronger than uncovered display • Smoothed edges • Case friendly

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