QUADSHELL AERO bicycle bag

Akční produkt QUADSHELL AERO bicycle bag od známého výrobce Krytárna snadno seženete tady a teď opravdu levně! Ceny od 829 Kč
Cena: 829 Kč

Bicycle bag QuadShell AERO Bicycle bag QuadShell AERO will work well not only on the frame of a bicycle, but also on the handlebars of a scooter. The accessory will allow you to take your accessories, bicycle tools or personal belongings with you without having to pack them in a backpack. The product can be mounted on the frame, handlebars of the scooter or under the bicycle saddle, making it in no way in the way while riding. The main compartment boasts a zippered closure, allowing the user to access its contents at a glance. The accessory opens to an angle of 180 degrees, so that stored products will not fall out of the center on their own. Inside you will find three compartments made of mesh – one of which is zippered. The AERO model boasts a large capacity and is made of rigid and extremely durable material The bicycle bag by QuadShell is characterized by four Velcro fasteners, which in different configurations allow mounting in many places. The bag will accommodate not only bicycle tools and accessories, but also a payment card, phone, headphones and small provisions in the form of bars. Of particular note is the water resistance. The zipper has been covered with a rubber material that does not allow moisture to get inside the bag. The whole bag is made of a material from which dust, mud and other dirt can be easily washed off. It is worth mentioning that the QuadShell AERO bike bag is also an ergonomic shape. The AERO model weighs 280 grams. The sales offer concerns the QuadShell AERO bicycle bag without the bicycle accessories visible in the photos. Features: can be mounted on a bicycle or scooter, inside zippered pocket, protection against complete opening, waterproof, ergonomic shape, large capacity.

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