Spigen Rugged Armor Xiaomi 12 Lite Matte Black

Zlevněný výrobek Spigen Rugged Armor Xiaomi 12 Lite Matte Black od společnosti Krytárna můžete najít právě nyní skutečně výhodně. Teď za akční cenu 589 Kč
Cena: 589 Kč

Seeking to protect your device with extreme style? The Rugged Armor™ is a thin shell that is packed with heavy duty protection. For optimum shock-absorption, the inside is lined with our usual spider web pattern along with Air Cushion Technology in every corner. The Rugged Armor™ comes with its signature sleek, which contains its carbon fiber textures with a matte finish. Precise cutouts ensure easy access to all features while tactile buttons ensure haptic feedback. Encase your new phone with the Rugged Armor™!

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