Spigen Tough Armor Google Pixel 7 Black

Velmi žádaný kus Spigen Tough Armor Google Pixel 7 Black od oblíbené značky Krytárna snadno získáte zrovna se slevou. Akční cena od 939 Kč
Cena: 939 Kč

Second to none, the Tough Armor is the leader in defense with an all-new layer of extreme impact foam. The interior lining brings advanced shock-absorption technology for extra security in all situations. Its tough and durable dual-layer body design provides all-around protection setting a new standard for phone safety. It’s so strong that…well, we’ll just let it speak for itself. An all-new extreme impact foam technology for extra shock absorption Dual-layer body with flexible interior and durable exterior Mil-grade certified with Air Cushion Technology® Supports wireless charging and Glas.tR compatibility

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