UGREEN CM312 adapter USB Type C adapter (male) – Ethernet RJ-45 (female) 5Gbps black

Velmi žádaný výrobek UGREEN CM312 adapter USB Type C adapter (male) - Ethernet RJ-45 (female) 5Gbps black od top výrobce Krytárna jednoduše získáte zrovna v akci! Nabídka již od 2209 Kč
Cena: 2209 Kč

Ugreen adapter USB Type C adapter (male) – Ethernet RJ-45 (female) black (CM312) Practical external network card with USB-C plug and RJ45 (LAN) connector. The perfect accessory for everyone who is irritated by the capriciousness of the wireless connection. The gadget allows you to connect both the computer and the phone to the network „by cable“. Lightning-fast data transfer – the network card works in the Gigabit Ethernet standard and provides a transfer of up to 5000 Mbps! For a laptop and smartphone – it will be great not only for laptops without a LAN port, but also for a tablet or even a smartphone (only iOS) . A trouble-free, wired internet on your phone? Why not! „On the cable“ means sure – Connecting the Internet „over the cable“ solves all problems with the speed and stability of the connection . It ensures that you will not lose connectivity at the climax of streaming movies or virtual gameplay. For each link speed – The accessory automatically adjusts to the link speed (10/100/1000 Mbps / 2.5Gbps / 5Gbps) guaranteeing optimal data transfer , and thus stable downloading and smooth browsing without continuous reading. No additional software – The gadget works according to the „plug and play“ principle, so it does not require the installation of additional programs . Just plug it into the USB-C port and you can use it immediately. Specification: Brand: Ugreen Plug: USB-C, RJ45 LAN connector: 5000 Mbps (max) Standard: USB-C Compatibility: Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS

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