UGREEN LP110 cable organizer box rail holder S 27.8x13x12.8cm black and white

Unikátní a oblíbený výrobek UGREEN LP110 cable organizer box rail holder S 27.8x13x12.8cm black and white značky Krytárna jednoduše najdete tady a teď za výhodnou cenu! Nyní lze objednat jen za 829 Kč
Cena: 829 Kč

Cable box, cable organizer, strips, Ugreen, white L (LP110) Say goodbye to cable clutter, welcome elegance and order ! Cable organizer from Ugreen is an inconspicuous box that will allow you to introduce great changes in your environment. It will accommodate cables and surge protectors, enabling easy use, for example, of chargers, and in addition, it will provide order and protection against fire . Specification: Brand: Ugreen Model: LP110 Material: ABS Dimensions: 278 x 128 x 130 mm Color: white + black The most important advantages of the Ugreen cable box: You will take care of the aesthetics of the room , because instead of tangled cables, you get an aesthetic box in a fashionable Scandinavian style You will protect children and pets who will not have any access to plugs and cables from now on You will reduce the risk of fire that could arise due to the accidental contact of cables with moisture You can organize cables, chargers and surge protectors, as well as gather them all in one place No more mess Is there a tangle of cables under your desk? Phone chargers messing around on the living room table? Forget about it. The Ugreen cable organizer will also allow you to keep them in order and, additionally, to hide them from looking . Place the power strip inside, close the lid and manage cables through convenient openings. Non-slip pads ensure the box will always stay in place. An elegant version of… cables Yes it is possible! The Ugreen cable and surge protection box is not only purely pragmatic. The minimalist form and subdued colors make it an elegant addition to the interior . For unruly household members Toddlers love to play with exactly what they shouldn’t be. Keep children from coming into contact with cables by completely keeping cables out of prying eyes and hands. Hidden in an elegant box, they will resist the inquiries of the youngest members of the household, and they themselves will be much safer from now on. This is also a great solution for pet owners – no plug will be bitten or damaged in any other way . Security box The cable box from Ugreen protects the contents against dust and moisture, and thus protects the entire environment against accidental fire . Importantly, the material from which it was made is also resistant to high temperatures.

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