UGREEN MM101 adapter image converter HDMI – VGA with micro USB power 1.5m black

Žádaný kus UGREEN MM101 adapter image converter HDMI - VGA with micro USB power 1.5m black od odblíbeného výrobce Krytárna jednoduše můžete získat u nás nyní za akční cenu! V akci od 619 Kč
Cena: 619 Kč

Ugreen adapter image converter HDMI – VGA with micro USB power 1.5m black (MM101) The MM101 adapter allows you to connect a new laptop, console or media player to an older TV, monitor or projector. An excellent gadget that allows you to use the latest mobile equipment on older receivers. You don’t need to buy the latest TV model to send a high-quality signal from your notebook to it. Specification: Brand: Ugreen Material: ABS + PVC Plug: HDMI, micro USB, VGA Supported Resolution: HDMI – 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p VGA: 1024X768, 1280X720, 1280X768, 1280X800, 1280X1024, 1360X768, 1600X1200, 1920X1080 (max) Cable length (with plug): 1.5 m A rescue for older receivers Although the HDMI standard has already entered our devices for good, many homes will still have receivers with a VGA port. There is no point in replacing the TV or projector by force, since the current one is still working, right? However, it would be nice to be able to attach a little newer equipment to them, without losing image quality. The solution to this problem is an accessory that will allow you to send the signal from the HDMI connector to the device with a VGA port (and only this way). For different types of devices The gadget supports a number of different devices equipped with an HDMI port. From laptops, through consoles (such as PlayStation 3) to various TV boxes (such as Xiaomi Mi Box) . On the other hand, the VGA connector doesn’t have to be just a part of the TV. Monitors and projectors with the mentioned port are also supported. You can choose the color you want. When the screen is too small Thanks to the adapter, you can connect a TV or projector to your computer and enjoy a truly cinematic experience while watching movies at home . In addition, the converter will also be perfect for your workplace, when you display your presentation in large format and high resolution during a business meeting. It will not matter that the boss skimped on a newer projector with an HDMI connector. You’ll do great without it. FullHD input and output The accessory supports a resolution of up to 1080P , both in the input (HDMI) and the output of the gadget (VGA). Regardless of whether you send the signal from the console, laptop or TV box, it will always be of high quality, despite the limitations of the older connector. A razor-sharp image for virtual gameplay, watching movies or making presentations. In one sentence, anytime, anywhere. High-quality chip Inside the device is a high-quality converter chip that does (perfectly, you have to admit) all the dirty work. Losslessly processes the received signal and passes it on in a form that equipment with a VGA connector can easily reproduce. At the same time, it consumes little energy, and the displayed image is clear and without distortion. Such a quiet hero of every film screening or presentation. Stability and durability The housing of the adapter is made of strong ABS , which is not only extremely durable , but also resistant to high temperatures . You can easily take it with you on a trip, without fear that it will be damaged in transport. In addition , a thick copper wire, coated with anti-corrosion tin , guarantees a stable signal without disturbances and annoying interruptions . It is placed in a braid made of flexible PVC, so you do not have to worry about its durability either.

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