UGREEN Protective Magnetic Case MagSafe Apple iPhone 13 Pro clear

Levný kus UGREEN Protective Magnetic Case MagSafe Apple iPhone 13 Pro clear od známého výrobce Krytárna jednoduše můžete získat zde teď se slevou. Nabídka již od 559 Kč
Cena: 559 Kč

Ugreen Protective Magnetic Case Magnetic gel case (MagSafe compatible) This gel case was created to provide smartphones with even better protection against mechanical damage as a result of falls or shocks. Ugreen Protective Magnetic Case is more durable than a classic cover, so the phone placed in it will be optimally protected. This effect was achieved thanks to modern technologies, carefully selected materials and a high-quality finish. The case is equipped with a magnet, thanks to which the case is compatible with MagSafe accessories. It is a whole new standard for fast and easy connection of accessories and wireless chargers. It has great possibilities and can work with many modern accessories. The most important features the ability to use Qi chargers and other MagSafe accessories excellent flexibility, which is due to the high-class TPU material non-slip properties high efficiency in protection against screen cracks and scratches presence of openings for charger ports and buttons perfect fit to the device, without streaks or air bubbles additional reinforcements in the area of the camera and the touch screen lightweight construction The installed magnets allow you to precisely connect to the phone. The accessories adhere perfectly to the device, which enables, for example, wireless Qi charging. There is no need to remove the battery charging case. Just put it on a charger that works in the Qi standard. The use of the case does not affect the functionality of the phone in any way. You can easily charge the device (also wirelessly), as well as play, surf the web, browse the web, write SMS, talk or listen to music. They are characterized by a minimalist, modern look that perfectly harmonizes with the style of modern devices.

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